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as taken a little and looked at the couch where Vicky and Greg were sitting. Both see a movie I do not think any of us had any idea what the plot was at that time, the only elevator in the sex scenes are longer, and there are lots of things. Nothing in the videos I've seen Greg lent me secretly screwing his wife have in comparison, and I'd be youngleafs more than happy to be a little more of the same to the wife of him, because by doing half the chance, Chloe was a sexy woman of action. In this sense, I wandered if I could handle seeing him do what I did. With so much to drink, inside me would not be in the way. Would it be so bad if Vicky and I joined the swinging scene, when she was just a little more open minded. If my attention back to film Sharon was dancing in a club with two types Burley, very close behind and grinding her hips in circular motion in the other time with them from youngleafs the front. "It's just a matter of time before going to get another good view: " I thought. It was not long before the cut scene, which brings her two children at home, tore the clothes before the door closes behind them. " I suppose you've done all this to Greg " Vicky has surprised everyone with this statement. They both stared at her. "times," Greg finally confessed. " with youngleafs his wife or someone else? " Was his next question " Vicky" I could not believe that this kind of questions they asked. " You can not ask, know that what the Inquisition ? " " That's fine, youngleafs I have nothing against it," said Greg, " once with Chloed is a man of his friend at work. Although once with a guy I talked to in a pub. youngleafs "" A stranger ? "Was not she going to have to take those. Sharon was completely naked and in bed with her legs spread, with two pairs of hands and running through your body. " It was something I had spoken, and it seemed really want this guy, I agree, but only when I was there. "Greg is very happy," She has worked with other men, to sleep without me, but always with my permission and I still look forward to seeing her with a stranger. " I'm surprised now. " Is there anything you have not already done ? "" Not much, I guess. At the end of the day is just sex and have fun while it no harm ", he was Vicky on it. " Not as bad as Vicky. "I told my wife: " It's been a few people here who are in it, would be very surprised, " The two children were now one of the ends of Sharon, one slid into her from behind while she took the OTRin the mouth. That the soft side, though the details youngleafs of the proceedings of all links to our imagination. Do not rely too much, but as they say. " Do we really need to bring Mike a sheltered life ?" He asked. " looks like, honey, it seems odd that we have to. " After butt Greg "The two can not tell me, do not fantasize so much about that. " He said on television. " Accept" Vicky said, "but it's a fantasy. It is not real. " " But fantasies are like dreams. In a way, we only have our dreams come true. Is not that, what everyone wants to be faithful to your dreams? "" You have a point there. " I said. Still on the screen aspect Vicky screamed. "It's like having a porn -video -on -set, is that all this movie youngleafs is" " seems to look okay, " I said. " Look around just people who have sex Look, that's all, Greg does. We porno together, seen before. " " Yes, but privately, we are not talking about his wife for any movie. " ", but that's what I say. " Greg tipd out, " It's youngleafs no different to see in the video? " "People can not help but be youngleafs excited by it. " " Yes, but only if you are in a good mood, in the first place, it will natural'm to do more. "Vicky said. " So, what's that do for you? " Asked youngleafs Greg, " You do not need to tell me how you felt before in the kitchen. Was it because of the film or were thinking about what my wife not " Vicky blushed. She could not answer that one. had had enough of this now. I got up and went to Vicky. " Come here," he took her hand and stood on it. "What? " She looked at me, before I switched to TV. " Just to see for youngleafs a moment: " I was behind it " and I answered honestly," I paused, as we have seen the two men share this beautiful actress, kissing and caressing her naked body . " Pretend that Greg is not here, you and youngleafs me. " Started Sharon, kneading her breasts, her lover and moved by his torso. " could leave two menYou? "" No, "was the quick response " Liar "I was attracted to me and whispered, " Look how much you enjoy that, would not be anything like the attention, joy ? " You saw Sharon stretching his arms above his head, closing youngleafs his eyes in ecstasy. " Maybe "Vicky silent. Greg watched as I gently squeezed my wife's ass, moving youngleafs his hands around her stomach and her blouse. Sharon now stooped to take each one in his hand. " do not touch the youngleafs tail, they feel naked two hot bodies pressed against you? "I kissed her neck " Mmmm, "he sighed, put his head on my shoulder. grabbed Vicky 's breasts, she will not listen. I felt her nipples harden in my contact at the top of your bras. wobbled nibbling her neck and ears. her skin was goose bumps, which I did for her has been caused. about Greg was sitting nearby. He smiled and nodded. I know why I did, my thoughts and heart rateMotor racing. Greg rose from the couch and maneuver around Vicky, what was before him. Then she saw him approaching us could feel the slight tremor. He stood before her and looked into her eyes. She was in place, frozen in wait. Time seemed to slow down. They wanted to turn and run ? It was until now, Vicky. She knew what would happen, but only if it is allowed. I held her, my hands still in their breasts, waiting to take them. Greg must have seen some kind of agreement in their eyes, because he came and touched the side of the face with the fingertips. Vicky 's when I knew I wanted. He put his head in his hand, and his breath escaped him, as Greg leaned over and kissed her bare neck. I moved my hands slowly reached around and felt Vicky blouse by buttons running down the front of her blouse. I wanted my wife 's body is exposed to another person, all the while expecting to end all this. But there seemed to be in a trance. As I dipped each key Greg kissed his way down. Kissing her neck, shoulder, his neck, hands on her breasts now replaced mine. I unbuttoned the top button and turns to leave the shirt on his arms and into the ground. Now he was shaking as I put her to undress in front of this man who can save himself, my wife 's chest was the zipper on the back of the skirt that is, it slides on the basis that even if the lock was rolled back. with eyes closed and arms hanging at your side Vicky was now was only her black lace panties, which contrasts nicely with her ​​pale skin. She had entered a fantasy world, as it did on TV Sharon had moments before. I saw Greg stepped back to admire, which obviously will be his next conquest. He wanted to be sure, but youngleafs this was not one of his encounters swinger and the situation made ​​him nothing less than a gentleman. "Are you sure that both what isWhat do you do? "We ordered two " I think it's best to leave this decision to Vicky, who is in them. "He told me when I'm with him and at the same point of view of my beautiful half-naked woman, who moved with pleasure. I told him I always told her how beautiful she was, but there was a type of radiation on it at this time, maybe it was the atmosphere of the room, I had to youngleafs do. it seemed to shine only. Vicky opened her eyes and looked at both for a long time. I asked him what was going through youngleafs my head what do? My question was answered promptly. He looked after her for a moment and then raised his arms up and over the chest. sticking their fingers in the bra strap down slowly, exposing her soft, perfectly shaped breasts fell . When the support of the Earth is moving towards us, he grabbed my hand and then Greg is up to her, and gently laid her on her chest. there is no doubt that all he wanted. I wife had just given his consent to plunge us headlong into the world that Greg and Chloe live youngleafs day to day. No turning back. No Greg, that from the next train. The atmosphere in the room youngleafs suddenly changed, there was a nervous feeling ignorant of everything, and from that moment was electric in the air. He noted heavy Vicky, her bare breasts pressed against him, they parted his lips and his mouth seemed to collide. She threw her arms around him again his kiss with as hungry as I've seen of her. I did not know youngleafs what to do, for the first time I saw my wife kiss another man, and was not a normal kiss, it was hot and hard, as we have seen together youngleafs only in litters of hot passionate sex. I could only stand and how this man to see my friend, my wife. I was stuck in the ground. Greg turned to me in the face. My wife was completely gone, replaced by the raging fire fox wearing nothing but tight blackLacy underwear. He looked into my eyes and knew that now he wanted to have this fantasy in its entirety. Something that before this there was only a dream, a talk under the blanket, which was now before my eyes. It was a sight I will never forget. It was my permission sought now, although I do not think that everything I said was to stop youngleafs what was happening. I walked over, took her hand and placed it on the way, Greg, no doubt in his exciting now hard cock through the material. "Mmmm," brought a smile to their lips. The arrest him, she took me to a kiss that was so heated a little earlier. I reached down youngleafs to feel again, as we have in the kitchen, but has been wet before, Vicky, his enthusiasm was saturated now. "Come dear," I offered, "he said, just a little fun. " With these words, he turned to Greg and Vicky rubbing her hand up and down his pace. I sat down to enjoy the spectacle that they were both in tor done by me. Then my wife was on his knees, kissed his erection through his jeans. She knew what she wanted and advance to the post which is now bursting under youngleafs the pressure of his penis was hard to break with the left hand in his pants. Wrap your fingers around the shaft and took him away. He helped her to undo his own belt and pulled down his pants. Then his cock free from the restriction of his shorts. Do not be disappointed, I thought. was not the first time I youngleafs had seen, had to pump in close-ups of pussy Greg Chloe in the video that has an idea of ​​its size, but when Vicky came over and pulled back the foreskin of his helmet to the manifest gasped. It seemed to double in size. I was not even compared to this time not doing so ba
Quotes dly in the pants department itself, I knew I had a belt of good, even better than Greg, but the head was definitely my wife more than spread. Slide your hhis thick shaft and licked his lips before kissing the tip of his penis gently moaning in awe of his greatness. Many do not want to waste more time, Vicky grabbed him and pulled his pants down. Greg lifted his shirt over his head and removed his shoes, then took off his socks again. This was a friend of mine naked, standing in front youngleafs of my wife and I moved slowly to his knees his cock inches from his face. He looked at me and ran his fingers through his hair, his face persuasion near the groin, Vicky kissed the hand of his penis and lay their eggs on hand. Run the tip of the tongue along congested helmet as he slid into his mouth stretched wide and her lips closed around him and took him to a depth that could until half of its tail youngleafs had been . I could not help what she did when she moved her head I could see his youngleafs cock shiny with her saliva to be impressed. His head continuedd up and down his shaft until he moved. An explosion, as his cock seemed to spring from his mouth Vicky wiped his mouth, where bargaining is obvious and looked at Greg. Wrap your fingers around its axis once more, did not think I want to let go. was then said something I never thought would come of it, " I want to feel your cock inside me, and I want to fuck my pussy right here in front of my husband," At least not forget that there was there. stood up and kissed him once more to make it like your own cock. "And then Mike will take me too. " She looked at me and reached into her panties, right out of me, put his hand on the chair over his head and bent over tits dangling in front of my face. I touched his lips with a wet youngleafs finger. I licked the juice to taste. She brushed her wet finger in the mouth. I sucked dry. The sweet taste was divine. In't know how much more of this you may have. My own cock effort made, but would not play with me, Greg, I sat there and enjoyed the show. Vicky started rubbing through my pants. She knew how I was going to become, to make fun of me for a little more fun. I noticed that Greg is now placed behind her, hands on hips to ground and pulled her to his cock against her pussy and ass. Then he pulled her panties down over her shapely ass, which helped her legs until she fell at his feet before going outside. Now completely naked with his ass in the entire program to my friend on his back, pulled his legs again. Pushing her ass above, lends itself to Greg, he leaned forward, forcing his tongue into my mouth as he slid his hand up and down the crack of her ass. Spreading their wet pussy lips, rubbed his fingers on her clitoris. She moaned with pleasure as Greg worked a couple of fingers inside. ENTAnger continued to kiss, our tongues probing each others mouth violently. His tongue was hidden in my mouth as he leaned with youngleafs one hand on his belt and zipper to undo it. Vicky had her hand in my pants I went as fast as he could. I took action. She grabbed my cock and gently began masturbating me. Then Vicky 's face changed, closed his eyes and groaned loudly, pulled on my cock. Greg wanted to push his huge helmet on my wife's tight cunt. She took a deep air between his teeth as he sucked in air, which was hurting ? She was in pain, but it was Vicky, who pushed hard pushed his cock in his power, when a cry broke through. A groan escaped him as he pushed his cock deeper into her. That was, that was fucked up, took the entire length of Greg Hahn, and the look on his face, wanting more. He started pumping. Fool, hectic my cock, more fucking Gregr. Then, Vicky had to stop me for support against the chair, and it pumps harder and harder from behind. I looked down between her legs open to see his balls hit her pubic inflamed. began to push his body back to meet each thrust from behind. He opened his eyes and looked directly at me, could have seen. started asking. "Please, yes," moan louder with each stroke, "yes " I got to her breasts to keep your swing so wildly. " Yes", "Fuck me" he shouted. My wife had the pleasure, the man gave was that flows through your body, and about her, she was mad with passion. I have something I had never experienced before. I felt like I was in the midst of a hard -core porn film is Flik. That was not my wife, it was something dirty mouth chicken pie. "Come on motherfucker, fuck my pussy " They just did not seem to be able to get enough of his cock. He told me to squeeze in one breath to her breasts. Loco, now shouting, " Fuck me more", whichis at hand. " Yes, yes. " shouting, " ARGHHHH. " is This, when stiffened, his head thrown back through clenched teeth as the orgasm spread through her body. His whole body shook again and again. Greg did not give up if he continued his cock deep into her book. Do not let her orgasm diminished, wave after wave swept through it. I had no energy to push back now. It was the second orgasm that their success is that his knees gave way and collapsed it. And slipping his cock in me. I looked up and smiled, Greg, was there, slowly moving his own cock, glistening with pussy juice from my wife. It looks very pleased with himself. Vicky could only be there with her ​​head on his stomach and moaning softly. It was some minutes before he could move a muscle. When she has, but she grabbed my hard cock and kissed her. "Mmmm," was the only sound she made. cautiously rose, shaking his legs yet. She had a glazed look in his eyes, as if they had taken a little moreDrugs and was in the height. Vicky looked at me with satisfaction, and smiled without saying a word he turned and kissed Greg again, just to thank him. This time, a twinge of jealousy I realized, because this kiss was longing to love. She put her arms around his neck and youngleafs seemed lost in his resignation. I shrugged away the feeling, but it was very excusable for what has just ended. Greg aside and greeted me. She knew exactly what to do now. Vicky sure to reach me between the legs, grabbed my cock. Unloaded until you felt pressure on my helmet against her swollen lips. I grabbed his ass to help your guide on my shaft. My cock slid directly to her pussy, or hitting it enough just youngleafs purchased. Back to me I put a youngleafs finger in her ass bent, tease, as she slowly started to go up and down me. She took masturbation Greg Hahn, and the stationRTS to knead her breasts. He leaned forward and licked her own juices from youngleafs his penis and testicles, with one in his mouth at once. She moaned again as inserting a finger in her ass lightly, which accelerated in the march. I felt the tip of my cock slamming against the back wall of her pussy with each downward movement. Watch with pleasure at the way her pussy got my cock every time he got up from my lap, before returning with force. With his free hand, Vicky began to rub her clitoris. When the legs a little tired, he sat on my lap and hips in circles, grinding me into it. I looked up and saw, like Greg. Amused. Vicky was second to none when it comes to blowjobs came, youngleafs she knew what she wanted from a man. I have a few in my time, by different women. However, when Vicky got her lips wrapped around me, I left my mind as much as dick. I saw her cheeks with the strength that she was sucking pulled. From time to time took a breather, wAnking his face, before diving again. I could not believe how far back was actually disappears from under him, more than half of his cock into her mouth. Could you tell by the look on his face, it was not long until he was shooting his load half an hour ago we were all sitting having a drink. If you told me then that this would happen, I laugh. Well, fuck my wife here and damn wind masturbate all at the same time, as always, was stroking her tits and ass fingers, what a wonderful sight. For all this he was to explode it. She began to masturbate Greg quickly: " That's all I have now," Greg ordered Vicky. She opened her mouth to take his load when he finally arrived. I knew they were close again when I rammed hard, Frigg her clit faster and wrapped her lips around his youngleafs cock, sucking like never before. She screamed with another orgasm as she slapped me. When did Greg grabbed a handful of hair and pUlled his head back and mouth open, he came, some of the liquid causes white shot straight to the back of the throat to swallow youngleafs immediately, but when she kept pulling it flew to her cheeks, neck and hair , then turns his tail in the breasts. Now he's fucking was over, had a free hand to rub the semen into her breasts, as acceleration after jet fell on her soft flesh. When finished, Greg was back in his mouth and sucked and swallowed every drop that could download it. When orgasm gave up on me and got between my legs while I was in the youngleafs chair. He smiles and asks, "Should I pay some attention to my husband," Kissing the tip of my cock and teasing my balls with your fingers. She sank her lips around and suck my hard toll on me with the same ferocity that youngleafs Greg had just experienced. Not too loose in the things he himself had created, was behind her spread her ass cheeks before she cracks a jokewith his expert tongue. The more they laughed, the harder it is sucked me. It was amazing that I had never sucked cock like this before and I am far from complaining had arrived within minutes. As happened before the first jet hit directly in the face before meeting your chin down and squeezed her boobs and left of my cock, which broke out between them, the jet of sperm. When I finished my Vicky was still twitching tail in the back of her throat and sucked me dry. After draining all the fluid to me, Vicky sat on his hips, Greg had moved away and stood behind her, beside her with his penis hanging there limp now. youngleafs I saw the two. "Wow," My wife fucked well looked embarrassed, twitching eyelids, " The way I do Darling, I Can a bitch now ?" He joked. Our two last spots shine more liquidity to their breasts, so that light. youngleafs What happens to my wife, things will never be the same again. I looked at her, she had been truly converted, and " You've youngleafs always been a hot bitch Vicky, but is not it ? " I asked. " This is something I will think," came to her and stroked her fingers on a hard cock is Greg, and then gently kissed the tip against his advice, "What do you think of Greg, do you think you owe. would have to try again sometime, " s that looked after me," If you ask me, I have some friends who love you both meet, " smiled Vicky and winked "I would not object to Chloe to meet next time?"


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We prepared youngleafs for a few drinks in the kitchen, my beautiful wife Vicky. I went behind her and slipped her arms around her, pulled her to me. "How are you favorite," I said. " it was better to make this my last drink," said Vicky, "feeling a little drunk. " " Do not worry, do not get a good drink too often, we are still fun," he told Le " Greg can not ask just out of only half an hour from here before. " you suggested, facetiously," Why not, we could have an early night, when he left. ". " Oh, dear, we were a little youngleafs hot ?" I whispered in his ear. " Do not know " Slipping her hands behind her and gently rubbed my crotch youngleafs was now pressing against the kitchen counter. He rested his head against me, as I kissed her neck and pulled my hands on his shirt to pull wonderful cup breasts and tease youngleafs them a bit. Vicky moved her hands on me, encouraged me to blow, then took him away, as dorned to me. " Patience sexy, have to wait until I can in this room, only I have a gift for you tonight, if you behave. " kiss on the lips youngleafs then whispered, " Wait until I warm it I truly feel. " with a mischievous smile, turned, took a few drinks, and suggested I bring my own music. Back to the living room with our drinks. I was hoping that the bulge in my pants is not shown, is still a bit of small islets of Vicky, is not that our visitors awoke to find in my lap. A friend of mine visited us, then I ran into him at lunch in the bar where the ball was. I had never met my wife before he was beaten to appear at some point, and it turned out that there really is no time like the present. Vicky did not really make many of my friends. Greg was sitting on the couch watching TV, when we entered. Vicky gave him drink. "Since you have to go Greg, not driving tonight right? " youngleafs Makingsure it does not cross the border when he was. Greg took a sip, "No, I live just down the road. " Vicky was carried out on the couch next to him, and I relaxed in my favorite chair. " Oh yes, your wife has no desire to come for a drink ? " Vicky asked " female at night, she and some friends have hired a film with a couple of bottles of old wine clock, " said Greg, " I thought it would be better if I even made a little tight. " " Good idea, check it out, why not do the same Mike? fancy a movie? " she asked me, s and then answered for me. "Better, we have the alcohol. " " I do not know if there is a honey. " Detected that when we watch a movie, it means that Greg stay a couple of hours and end our first night. " Only Channel 5 is that they always show a movie on stage Friday night. " Vicky instructed. I pressed the button on the remote control, just in time to see the beginning of credits. "Just in time, it looks like those just starting. " Bugger, I thought. getting intoin my drink. " Wow, you have enough alcohol in it? " I asked surprised by the strength of my drink. Vicky looked at me: "I will complain about his nice side and low, if you can not handle it, not Greg. " " That's because he 's too polite. " I said. "Do you too Greg? " " A little, but I do not care. Dear little alcohol in me again to a house of women laughing. " " lucky bastard. " I smiled to raise youngleafs my glass n Then came the evil eye from my wife, " you could not do three women. " " Maybe, but I would need a damn good test," was youngleafs my answer. This is a pillow when I was running through the air touching the side of my head as I ducked just in time. "Oi man, my youngleafs spirit " " Shut your mouth and the movie. " Vicky offered. " Excuse me my wife, Greg, it can be very bossy at times" "Oh, believe me, I'm pretty used to it. " In connection with his wife. A then down to see the movie. Ten minutes and with the appearance of Sharon Steed, I began to wonder if this youngleafs was a good idea. Now I know from experience what kind of movie star Sharon Steed inches usually enjoy, especially when I was younger. But my wife can see that we sit in a soft porn film ? I'm sure Greg knows. I've seen his collection of videos and its very woman bought "liberated. " He always tells me how to see them together and finally their own. Far from being a prude, my Vicky very open and very sexually adventurous, but has never been that kind of girl. I turned to see if a movie more appropriate. "Oi do we know that, put it back. " He says. I just hope my wife does not like being uncomfortable. It could be one of them very tame. Hopefully Sun , which lasted about 20 minutes before things started to heat up in the film. I think Vicky found out what was coming, but now it's too late. He sank the rest of her drink and asked if anyone was ready for his recipe. both GReg and I emptied the glasses and handed them to her. Vicky left the room as Sharon Steed on the wings of its peak, with some very sexy brunette slip her breasts and kissing her hand between her thighs was smooth. Greg and I looked at each other and youngleafs put out his cheeks as a sign of consent, what happens on the screen. " This is probably what his wife, until now, Greg. " I laughed at him n He said: " More than likely, but three of them. " " Even better. " "There is no need for you two. " Vicky called from the kitchen. " Does your wife know is that the way to talk about them? " Asked Greg when he arrived with youngleafs the drinks. We take our drink it before your seat again. "As I said, Mike is probably right. " Greg informed. Vicky has for me a quizzical look. " It swings both ways, honey, youngleafs " I told my hand waving back and forth. "Just like on TV. " Note on the two women were completely naked and entwined, writhing against each otherthe other side. Vicky watched in disbelief for a moment, as I say, shaking his head slowly. " Come on Vicky, you've tried. " As I said, I do this, do not think you could see that I say this in front of an inn and went bright red before a big swig from his drink. "MIKE " " Vicky was fine, I do not think I've ever met a girl who was not tried," said Greg. " That's different, you are a friend, there was no need to tell you that," he said, before returning to please others in the film with both actresses with their hands and mouths. "and was much younger anyway. " were much younger, before I knew. 18 years of age, club, called her boyfriend kissing another girl. Is your best friend took her home drunk, shoulder to lean on. One thing leads to another, as the old saying goes. Accused to drink, but admits that youngleafs he enjoyed after the embarrassment of it all did. The sad thing is every girl has not spoken since evdifferent, could not deal with the fact of what had happened. I thought that was the end of the conversation after the explosion bit, but to my surprise, it was my wife, who began again. They saw Greg " So you're saying youngleafs that your wife is probably now at home having sex with two women? " " Yes," both things simultaneously. " Well, I'm not saying she does that," Greg added : "I'm just saying it could be and not be the first time. " "What is it that does not mean that youngleafs the first time? "Vicky seemed lost, " do not do something ? "" is just a little fun, do not often get to do it yourself. "said Greg " you mean there are usually ? "Vicky seemed very engaged in the conversation. " He thinks he is usually very well there. " I said, "with other women and couples. " That's when my wife was surprised, and turned his attention to me. "How do you know all this ? You participated in any of that? " he said : "No honHey, Greg tells me only what they learn. "" I never said anything about this before. " " pass would not have thought it was going to deal with someone who does something like this, " said her" I do not approve, right? " Vicky shook her head :" I know, I am happy you did. Anyway, depends on them, what they do, " Greg turned back. Greg nodded and smiled confirmed that this, more than satisfied. Vicky looked back at the film and was left alone. Sharon was always still there. None of us saw where it came from our little discussion among our attention from the film, but now it was a youngleafs muscular young man mounted on a huge bed with silk sheets around her dark wrinkled . he was rolled youngleafs up and her breasts with his hands wide, even when slapped, threw his head back and moaned with pleasure. the brunette was not left out one's own pleasure and kissed her on the new addition to just this game. Vickywas " I do not know about you but I think I need a drink. " "Reputation can not finish everything on your back with alcohol," said I n looked back as they left, "and youngleafs I guess not fit in two to land, it would be. perverts. " I saw Greg. Not sure what to say. He shrugged his shoulders. I picked up the empty glasses and now Vicky returned to the kitchen. I wondered if we were angry. "Sorry dear," she apologized. " Why? " He asked, as he handed the glasses. And they filled them with another big dose of Bacardi and a coke. I went through the ice in the freezer. " Everything, I'm a little carried away. " He said, "I do not embarrass you," You had two buckets in each drink, put the drink on the table and turned towards me. Vicky suddenly grabbed my head, pulled her face and forced her tongue into my mouth, kissed me with such passion that it took me a second to react. When she went away i had a lookNo eyes that I had not seen for some time, hot, hot. Vicky looked into his eyes when he came to my hands, so that her skirt until it covered my hand over her panties hill. Her panties were very wet, " I want you tonight. " do you know that the feeling was mutual by rubbing my hand against the wet spot between her legs, and kissed her again. " Well," came the sound of the door of the " I then," said Greg, "It's all seem to have their hands full. " Beckoned to me. At that moment I realized I was excited Vicky Rock and a handful of crotch. He immediately walked away. " No, uh, sorry" I had to go a little red. "We still have the drinks ready, you can only go youngleafs to see the rest of the film. " "Okay, but once I'm in the right way to say that I do not want to impose on you too," Greg he said. "Do not worry, mate. Just have one last drink," he said. S was enough to drink. Greg returned to the living room, Vicky and I laughed together, laugh atShame, a quick kiss then we have our drinks and we went through. Boy, they have captured. The conversation revolved around small talk for a while and both Vicky and I back after being caught with his hand under her skirt. I know nothing about them, but I thought it was pretty when I saw Greg thought about my wife in a provocative position. This is when my spirit h